Welcome to the website of Holyboot

Here you can rent a whisper boat. We are located in Holysloot,
a beautiful little village to the north of Amsterdam. From here
you can explore the idyllic peatland of Waterland by whisper
We are happy to offer the opportunity to everyone to enjoy this
beautiful area. The marshlands, the beautiful landscape, the
aquatic foul and the picturesque and authentic villages
deserve to be admired!
Our boats are equipped with quiet electric motors and they are ideal
for nature lovers. Also, they are easy to operate after a short
explanation (no license is needed for this).
When renting a boat, our extensive and illustrated map is included. It
includes five beautiful routes to Broek in Waterland, Monnickendam,
Watergang, Zuiderwoude and Uitdam. The whisper boats are only to be
used in this area.
Optionally you can hire a life jacket and/or binoculars.

We are open from April to October. We rent out our boats only by
appointment, see on page ‘ RESERVATION’.

See you in Holysloot!